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Hello and Welcome to Signs2go!

by Phyllis Bullon on 01/18/12

I would like to welcome you to our company website!  In addition to providing Interpreting services, workshops for Interpreter certification maintenance, Deaf Awareness Community Outreach/Training, basic communicative sign language classes, Deaf Studies Library access and Silent Socials,  I also hope to be a provider of hard to find information, fun facts, culture and history of the Deaf Community.

I will attempt to build a site that gives the visitor access to a small peek of the Deaf World and Culture that has shaped my life.  If you need something specific, let me know. I will try to help you find it!

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1. Catherine Heckel said on 2/9/12 - 10:49AM
Any chance Signs2Go would consider webinars for those of us who can't travel to Fort Worth for workshops? I think your goals and company are awesome. Catherine
2. Phyllis said on 2/9/12 - 11:17AM
I hadn't thought of doing that, but it is a possibility for the future. I will have to check into the technology aspects of this.. I just learned how to build the website when I started this business a few months ago, so I guess I can learn how to give webinars... Good suggestion!

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