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12/01/2018   Saturday Workshop: 

Workshop title: 

Ethical Decision Making

Presenter: Cruz Lane

Date: 12/01/2018

Time: 10a-5p

Cost for workshop:
          $40.00 per certified attendee
          $25.00 per student/non-certified attendee/Signs2go Interpreters

.6 CEUs (BEI) (Ethics) APPROVED 
.6 CEUs (RID) Professional Studies (Ethics) APPROVED

(TSID is an Approved RID CMP Sponsor for Continuing Education Activities. This Professional Studies program is offered for 0.6 CEUs at the “Little/None Content Knowledge Level.”) 

This workshop will focus on problem solving and ethical decision making while on interpreting assignments. We will examine a variety of scenarios relating to confidentiality, social media, accepting assignments, being qualified for the assignments we accept, accepting a "feed" from the Deaf client or team, and other scenarios that influence our profession. We will discuss our ethical progress over the years and what we would suggest to continue making improvements to our profession. We will discuss 3 types of decisions that can be made and how those decisions could affect the communication situation and the persons involved. 

Learning Objectives -
-Describe various tenets of the CPC, as applied to our professionalism.
-Discern the difference between decisions made based on emotion, reasoning, and ethics.
-Analyze how our decisions effect the communication situation and the persons involved.
-Evaluate the impact of their decisions on the consumers of interpreting services.
-Apply critical thinking skills to each of the scenarios presented and discuss the most conducive and inclusive responses for the benefit of the communication situation.

Lunch on your own
Snacks and drinks provided by Signs2go


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Workshop Location:   

7307 S. Hulen Street
Fort Worth, TX 76133
(Southeast Corner of S. Hulen and Kingswood in the strip mall behind the Chevron gas/convenience store)  

Signs2go Interpreting & Support Services, LLC is providing this workshop as an opportunity for safe, respectful learning and will not permit harassment, discrimination or horizontal violence based on another's comments, questions, schema, race, color, religion, hearing status, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or any other protected class.  

Current Workshop Offered:
Signs2go Interpreting & Support Services, LLC is bringing affordable Interpreting Workshops for CEUs to the D/FW area.  

When:  Currently offered on the third Saturday of each month except July, November, and December. Additional workshops may be offered on alternate Saturdays. 

Time:  All Workshops are from 10:00am-5:00pm.

Who:  Workshops are geared towards Interpreters, Deaf Ed. Teachers, Interpreting students and TWC/DHH employees.  

CEUs:  Typically awarded both RID and BEI .6 CEUs. Details for current workshop offered can be seen in the right column.


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3rd Saturday Workshop- Local Presenter/Team Presentation

Certified Attendee:............................................. $40.00
Non-Certified Student/DARS/ S2G Terps:........ $25.00

- I try to offer 8-9 workshops per year and after you come to 3 in a row, the rest of the year is student rate (for local presenters only)

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3rd Saturday Workshop- For Out of Town Presenter that requires air fare, hotel, presentation hall rental and/or interpreting services

Certified Attendee:............................................. $65.00
Non-Certified Student/DARS:........................... $40.00

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3rd Saturday Workshop- For Out of Town Presenter that requires hotel, presentation hall rental and/or interpreting services

Certified Attendee:............................................. $55.00
Non-Certified Student/DARS:........................... $35.00

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3rd Saturday Workshop- ONE RATE FOR ALL                       

Guest presenter rate for single or multiple workshops presented in the same session where we are host and the presenters rate does not match our rate schedule. Specific Rate will be posted.

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Performance Tickets

Attendee:............................................................. $20.00
Student:............................................................... $15.00

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(call in advance to insure this is an option)

Certified Attendee:.................................... RATE + $10.00
Non-Certified Student/DARS:.................... RATE + $5.00



ALL WORKSHOPS ARE EXPECTED TO BE PAID VIA PAYPAL, in advance, to hold your reservation.


No refunds given unless the speaker cancels.  If the speaker cancels then the refund will be made in full.


Just use the contact button, email, call, or fill out the Registration Form and add any special needs in the comments section. Let us know what you need and we will do our best to accommodate.  We MUST be notified a minimum of 7 days in advance.




    7307 S. Hulen Street 
    Fort Worth, TX 76133

(Southeast Corner of S. Hulen and Kingswood in the strip mall behind the convenience store)

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Most Signs2go workshops are followed by the  3rd Saturday Silent Night Pot Luck and Social 
from 6:00pm-11:00pm  (travelers are welcome to stay on site while waiting for the Social Gathering)
Getting guest presenters for the other dates is always the goal. If no guest presenters, then I will present a few of things that I have been working on for a while.

-Phyllis Bullon- 3rd Saturday Workshop: The concept of "Role Space" (still in the planning stages)
   .6 CEUs (BEI/RID) pending

- Phyllis Bullon- 3rd Saturday Workshop: Deaf Teen Sexual Assault Awareness  (date not set)
   .6 CEUs (BEI/RID) pending 

Phyllis Bullon- 3rd Saturday Workshop: Ethics for Interpreters- Challenging Our Perspectives (still in the planning stages)
   .6 CEUs (BEI/RID) pending 

- Phyllis Bullon- 4th Saturday Medical Workshop: Interpreting A Sugar Diabetes Training Session (in the planning stage) 
  .6 CEUs (BEI/RID) pending 

- Phyllis Bullon- 4th Saturday Medical Workshop: Interpreting the Pulmonary System (in the planning stages)
  .6 CEUs (BEI/RID) pending 



Presenter: Lynne James, M.A. TX BEI: Advanced Certified Interpreter

Workshop: “Awful Happens, do - do?” Real-time Resilience 
                     Skills for Sign Language Interpreters
                     .3 RID CEUs and .3 BEI CEUs APPROVED

Focus on interpreter self-care:
There have been Numerous articles published in our field about the Vicarious Trauma we experience in our work and how we deal with it. The reports are not positive and NOW is time for training to commence. Real-time Resilience Skills will equip Interpreters with tools and skills to deal with the Vicarious Trauma that we experience in our work. Resilience Skills can be used in REALTIME, and empower the Interpreter to deal with the Vicarious Trauma whether in VRS or Community Interpreting. The presentation includes tools and skills that have been researched, implemented and proven to be effective. The interpreter will leave the workshop with an enhanced understanding of their Thinking Style, will know their level of Resilience, and will have a solid foundation of Resilience Skills to utilize in their personal and professional lives. The participants will learn how to overcome their Resilience weaknesses and build on their strengths.

Presenter: Jeremy Norman, TX BEI Advanced Certified Interpreter

Workshop: "Keep Those Soft Skills Sharp" 
                     .3 RID CEUs and .3 BEI Ethics CEUs APPROVED

Focus on Soft skills in relation to the CPC:
This workshop will discuss the differences between soft skills and hard skills and how these skills pertain to our interactions with customers, colleagues, mentors and students. Attention will be given to how each person's generational membership affects their views and behaviors in the workplace. Participants will take part in open forum as well as small group discussions to discuss real world scenarios to determine the actions to take that will result in the best possible outcomes. This workshop will emphasize how developing and maintaining our soft skills supports the tenets of the Code of Professional Conduct.

ALL "3rd Saturday"  Workshops will be posted on the “Signs2go Interpreting & Support Services, LLC” Facebook Page. (If you are looking for workshops, I try to post all workshops that cross my desk there, so check it frequently.)
ALL "4th Saturday" Workshops are "CLOSED SHOP" sessions and are intended for Signs2go Interpreters only, unless otherwise stated.

These workshops are  still in the planning stages and the topics may change