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Signs2go Interpreting 
& Support Services, LLC
Phyllis S. Bullon
We provide Certified, Professional, Sign language Interpreters for the Deaf in Fort Worth, Dallas, Arlington, Mid-Cities, Irving, and the surrounding counties, for all your sign language interpreting and communication needs. 
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Always seeking CERTIFIED, Ethical, Professional Interpreters to add to our awesome TEAM! 
Contact us if YOU are QUALIFIED!
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:00pm                                      -has a variety of webinars from different presenters including a favorite, Wendel "Wink" Smith        -has both live and archived webinars. Make sure the ones you choose are RID CEU approved... not all are.                     

The next 4 links are gateways. The initial trainings offered are not offered anymore, however, these links still lead to information that may be helpful.                                           -Is a new website that has partnered with Virginia RID for CEUs that are accepted by both RID and Texas BEI. Some of the links are not up and running yet, but the Online Discussion Groups and the On Demand Webinars both are available for VERY reasonable prices ($30-$35ish). So far, they seem to focus on ETHICS, mentoring and NIC test prep.                                  -Here is a link for the Deaf Action Center in Shreveport LA and scroll down to Current Events for an impressive list OR click on "Webcast Archives" to view what they have available On Demand. They are trying to do at least two new webcasts a month. All of the webcasts will remain on their website indefinitely and range around $35.00.                     -"CD WWWorkshops,"    "Streaming WWWorkshops,"    "Weekend Web Workshops,"  and "Communities of Practice" are just a few of the "class styles"/categories you can earn CEUs through Signs of Development. Prices vary dependent on whether you are purchasing the CDs,  Streaming, mentoring, and by the length of the class. They also have a "SWAP" program where you can share workshops you purchase and earn CEUs at about half the cost.           -has some phenomenal workshops for CEUs for purchase. I have already purchased several of these media products and they can be used on here on site, you do the assignments and submit the work for a completion grade, and they will process the RID CEUs, some as low as $15.00. One or two of those Media programs arefocused on  Ethics.                               -has a variety of workshops offered via retreats or cruises on various dates throughout the year. Great for those who want to get away from the everyday learning environment!

The file below contains links to YouTube Webinars. These Webinars are FREE. 
Signs2go has petitioned the BEI for CEUs and has been approved to issue CEUs for the following list. We will charge a set rate of $15.00 to proctor/process the CEUs. Please read the instructions and choose Option 1 or Option 2 to receive your CEU Certificate through Signs2go.    AFTER you have completed the proctored process of attending a webinar, the proctor will send you an email requesting payment for CEU processing. Once payment is received, the proctor will issue the CEU certificate.
This is a new process for us and we are still working out the kinks, but we hope this will be beneficial for all.

​                  GREAT SITES FOR 
Several people have contacted me lately asking if certain CEUs are accepted by BEI, especially concerning the webinars I have been sending out...

Typically, any RID CEUs are accepted by BEI to the best of my knowledge. 

Here is the link to the DHHS BEI web site for CEU requirements that pretty well explains what is acceptable:

Make sure that you always double-check to ensure that what you are doing is accepted by the BEI!